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Thank you for choosing MissionTix for your ticketing needs. To make sure you get the most out of your experience at our site, this page contains the terms and conditions that we ask all of our visitors to respect in using the MissionTix site and its services. If any of these terms are violated, we may take certain actions against the offender, including banning the violator from using the site, canceling ticket orders, and/or filing legal actions.

The content of the MissionTix site belongs to MissionTix and Mission Media, LLC. Any unauthorized downloading, duplication, modifying or distribution of the site is prohibited. By visiting this site, you agree that any copy of the site kept by you, either digital or printed, is for personal, non-commercial, use only for the purpose of reviewing event and ticket information.

Regarding tickets

MissionTix, as a ticket provider, sells tickets on behalf of venues who have chosen to use our online ticketing system. Since these tickets do not belong to us, we are not responsible for setting ticket prices or determining any details (e.g. seating, admission) regarding an event. In the case that you desire a refund of your ticket purchase, you must contact the appropriate venue directly. Again, MissionTix does not possess any ownership of tickets and therefore cannot issue refunds. However, MissionTix does collect a small service fee for processing ticket purchase transactions, which cannot be refunded after any sort of transaction has occurred.

All tickets sold through MissionTix are delivered via email to the customer, in PDF format, using the email address that was supplied by the customer during the transaction. MissionTix is not responsible for any lost tickets due to errors related to email, including incorrectly supplied addresses, dysfunctional email providers or clients, or problematic internet access. MissionTix provides extensive customer service for problem situations that arise.

Regarding content and events

MissionTix features information from and about a number of different performers and organizations. However, MissionTix does not claim to represent, endorse, or be affiliated with any of these parties unless otherwise stated. As such, we cannot gurantee the legality, accuracy, security, or inoffensiveness of any of these parties, their sites, and/or their events. We suggest that you exercise the same caution as you would with any information you find on the internet when viewing descriptions and websites linked to the MissionTix site.

Regarding site access 

You agree that you will not use any techology or device to reproduce, archive, or document the site, or to put unnecessary load on the site. Visitors may not interfere with the operation of the site in any way, including transactions between any user and MissionTix. Visitors may not attempt to prevent other users from accessing the site in any way.

Violation of the terms

If MissionTix finds that any violation of these terms has occurred, MissionTix or its parent company Mission Media, LLC reserve the right to respond to the violation within the limits of the law, and without prior notification or warning. Such response can include termination of the violator's use of the site, banning of future use, cancelling of ticket orders, legal redress, or any other action deemed appropriate by MissionTix and Mission Media, LLC. If the violation affects any third-party affiliates, such as credit card processors or venues, these parties also reserve the right to take action as allowed for by their individual policies. Please note that in violating the terms and conditions of this site, the violator forfeits rights provided within the privacy statement.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us at [email protected].